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Interface types

An interface type specifies a set of methods that a concrete type must possess to be considered an instance of that interface.

An interface type specifies a method set called its interface. A variable of interface type can store a value of any type with a method set that is any superset of the interface. Such a type is said to implement the interface. The value of an uninitialized variable of interface type is nil.

Here is a go lang example that shows how to use an interface.

Source: (example.go)

package main
import "fmt"
type Pet interface {
func speak(p Pet) {
type Cat struct {
func (c Cat) speak() {
   fmt.Println("I am a cat.")
type Dog struct {
func (d Dog) speak() {
   fmt.Println("I am a Dog.")
func main() {
   c := &Cat{}
   d := &Dog{}


$ go run example.go
I am a cat.
I am a Dog.